Bizzapp is a mobile application that enhances small entrepreneur, specially to manage their online shop systematically.

Business Management
Sales Page Design & Concept, Sales Page Development


Noticing that Bizzapp is among the pioneer of smart management system app. Bizzapp are needed to have good quality of promotion site and the content itself.

To promote such new technology for small entrepreneurs, Bizzapp realize that the need to have a good digital marketing strategy, knowledge, and capability, and be able to apply that to their day job and have an impact on Bizzapp future customers.


A well-structured sales page will give Bizzapp advantage since it is designed to enable the target audience to be Bizzapp future customers.

Other than that, a good quality and meaningful content are also needed to boost the functionality of the sales page.


Armiena then worked with Bizzapp to integrate core modules and content into their mobile based management system to make it easy for their customer to access, wherever they were, and whenever it suited.

A launch was also successfully supported by with a range of creative promotions – from sales page design and concept to the development itself and it helps many new entrepreneurs to manage their business systematically. Today, Armiena continues to support Bizzapp to certify their workforce, and help the company realize their full digital potential.

“The platform Is so powerful, designed and developed well. I am really glad that I found Armiena and they proved me that with the right person, everything is possible.” – Bizzapp Manager