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We want to build a future where
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ARMIENA advisory board and team members is
comprised of educationist and industrial players.

ARMIENA’s advisory and leadership team provides the vision that has propelled us from a small startup company to a worldwide diversified leader in a remarkably short period of time.

Dr. Noor Zuraidin Bin Mohd Safar

Dr. Noor Zuraidin Bin Mohd Safar

Advisor, Deputy Director, UTHM Continuous Learning and APEL Centre, Senior Lecturer in Information Security and Web Technology
En. Mohd Azad Bin Jasmi

En. Mohd Azad Bin Jasmi

Corporate Advisor, Non-Executive Director, Turnaround Strategist / Strategic Management
Ts. Irme Rafhan Ibrahim

Ts. Irme Rafhan Ibrahim

Advisor, Non-Executive Director, P.TECH (MBOT), M.I.M.M.(IMM), TTT(HRDF)
TS. Megat Zainurul Anuar

TS. Megat Zainurul Anuar

Advisor, Non-Executive Director, President Entrepreneurs Trainers and Coaches Network of Malaysia
Pn. Nor Ratna Binti Masrom

Pn. Nor Ratna Binti Masrom

Industry 4.0 Advisor, Quality Management, Supply Chain and Management Information System

United by a common goal and passion for people, our project team is second to none.

We create innovations and technologies that make expensive or sophisticated
products and services accessible and more affordable to a broader market.

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Partners in your dream, committed to your success – that is the ARMIENA difference.

The technological innovation
news, inspiration and knowledge sharing

The technological innovation
news, inspiration and knowledge sharing

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It’s not just what we build that makes us the right partner to work with.