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of small business failures are due to issues with cash flow (VisualCapitalist, 2017)
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How well does your company have the product and customer data under control? For many companies, mastering the digital supply chain is a prerequisite for efficient business and seamless customer experience.

Digital Information Supply Chain >


Consistent messages are conveyed in different channels, based on an understanding of the customer. We work with prototypes for this, in order to quickly reach agreement among everyone involved. Excellent designers work with you throughout the entire process, from conception to implementation. This way, we ensure that you reach your customers exactly the way you want to.

Customer Experience >


The diversity of shopping experiences is growing, and the moment of payment is becoming more elusive. We offer well-thought-out concepts, situational touchpoints, smart applications, flexible systems and dynamic architectures.

Contextual Commerce >


Can new solutions be integrated smoothly? Are all dependencies clear? Are there areas of improvement? What can be improved? Are microservices and cloud architecture the answer to everything? We accompany our customers throughout their further development of their system architecture.

System Integration and Architecture >


What role does data play in your business model today? What role should or could it play? We support you to create value from your data.

Data Driven Business >


Increasing understanding of changes is an important requirement for digitalization. Adapting the company culture is a core requirement for digitalization. We help managers gain an overview, set priorities with confidence and implement plans.

Contemporary Business >


Do you recognize returning customers, and are you able to continue the dialogue with them? In the marketplace, customers choose where to shop not just based on facts but also based on feelings. So it’s important to connect customer data with transaction data accordingly.

Relationship Management >

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Our market focus spans a vast range of project types
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Malaysia Economic Census

89. 2 %
809,126 SMEs in Services sectors
5. 3 %
47,698 SMEs in Manufacturing sectors
4. 3 %
39,158 SMEs in Construction sectors
1. 1 %
10,218 SMEs in Agriculture sectors

Process we follow

The firm strives to maintain project diversity as it continues to expand its business activities and to stimulate economic
growth by accelerating business transformation with adoption of sustainable technology that are flexible and robust.

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