Bizzapp Ventures


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Project Year


Bizapp is an integrated application to assist entrepreneurs in managing and expanding their businesses efficiently and effectively. Bizapp application combines all key functions of a business in just one Mobile Android, iOS and Web application. Their mission is to solve entrepreneurs’ main challenge in managing orders, stock, delivery and communication between Dropshipper, Agent, Stockist and HQ.

Project Objectives and Key Results

  • Enhance overall aesthetic for a more engaging brand story
  • Improve overall site architecture and navigation for a stronger user experience
  • Create a more dynamic product and service story through content relationships
  • Reorganize and expand current price package for enhanced search and browse-ability
  • Drive lead generation through a more conversion-focused design
  • Implement a fully responsive solution backed by WordPress CMS

Prototyping : Start with the Facts

The Bizzapp website was strong on branding and contents. What Bizzapp needed further help was navigation as the primary menu was bogged down with dozens of drop-down options and unclear language. The paths to conversion didn’t stand out, which had projected as a barrier for potential customers. Our focus for the website redesign project was all about improving the navigation for a stronger user experience. We wanted to reduce the text-heavy main menu, boost the functionality of the footer menu, and increase the contact CTAs. At the same time, we inspired to add more opportunities for lateral movement between related contents, to drive potential customers toward conversion.

Style Concepts : Make the Solution More Efficient

Bizzapp had already established a very strong brand. We used their existing palette of reds and white, by creating pixelated accents and backgrounds to give the site a fresh and unique feel. The page now features bigger images and more white space, to createa more inviting experience. The Price Package page, in particular, has stronger visual stories.

Conclusion : Bringing it all together

The new Bizzapp website has now clear visitor paths for potential and existing customers. The main menu still helps users locate the same information, but the navigation is easier after grouping content into a cleaner architecture. Visitors who are viewing their expertise are shown related services and resources from the Bizzapp site.